Beneath the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Welcome to the world Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. We hope that you are enjoying your tour. Now that the haunt has passed into memory, is transitioning from an active informational reference to a historical one. In keeping with that mission, we are going to include some more technical and anecdotal information. This page is to be a central index for accessing that material. Because the links should be more interesting than the philosophy, the rest of this discussion has been sent below.

Film and Video

Due to the low light levels and optical effects the show it was very difficult to get decent film or video. Many people tried, with highly varying levels of success. The most successful photography resulted from relighting the scenes to create useful light levels. Still photography befitted from long exposures, but that is a luxury that most video cameras do not have.

In 2004 we did shoot some of our own video and assembled it into a ten-minute overview of the major elements of the show. This video was submitted to a compilation for distribution to halloween fans. The video was well received and several awards were garnered. To see the video in full resolution one should order the 2004 set. The price is reasonable and you can see many other worthy efforts as well. Broadband has now allowed us to post the full-resolution video in mpeg-2 format. Reduced resolution files are also available on this site in Quicktime and Windows Media formats.

2004 Haunt Video
2004 HHG (485MB MPEG2) - Download before playing, Really.
2004 HHG (11MB Quicktime) - Download before playing.
2004 HHG (7MB Windows Media Format)
Order 2004 Haunt Compilation DVD Set

Media Coverage

Many reporters saw the Hallowed Haunting Grounds as something in which the public would be interested. Print, television and other outlets were represented. Examples of the stories may be found on our Media Coverage page.


The main purpose of this web site is to give those who were never able to see the show as close an understanding as possible of how it looked and sounded when one would visit in person. It is also intended for our many visitors to recall what they saw, or discover something that they might have missed. The Walk, the Guide, and the Images pages are that "onstage" look at the haunt where we present the story and the ambiance.

The second purpose of is presenting the "backstage" view. That has traditionally occured in the Hosts page, where we describe the many people who made the show possible, on the History page, where we chronicle the development over the years, and in the Frequently Asked Questions page, where we answer them.

This section will present pages organized by whatever criteria seem most appropriate. There are pages organized by scene, describing the history of the the scene and the construction of the props and effects. Those pages are linked from the individual Images pages by selecting "About This Scene." They will also be linked directly from here.

We expect to include pages about things not specific to any scene. Certainly general technologies, such as our sound systems, lighting scheme, projections, reflections, and various flickering light systems will be included. We may also explore the local wildlife, pass on some fun facts and trivia, put up some video clips, talk about media coverage, and anything else that comes to mind.

If you have a suggestion of a subject to cover, or are a haunter who wants to lobby for your favorite subject to be covered earlier, you may write to the usual e-mail address. Please recall that we are now working from memory and the sometimes inadequate photographs that were taken over the years, so the level of detail available may not be what we would prefer.

If you are here looking for help building your own props, we are sorry that we cannot present detailed step-by-step instructions, mostly because we do not have the pictures. Also, the materials that we used were generally found objects, and everyone finds different objects. The props and scenes that we built worked for our show, but we expect everyone's situation to be substantially different. So, we will give you as many ideas and as much encouragement as possible, but here is no substitute for digging in and working things out. Do not be afraid. You are the fright master!