Souvenir Guide to the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Final Manifestation of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds Statue of Angel Owls Floating Lantern Undulating Earth Luminescent Grave Marker Crypt Ghost Figure of Grief Sliding Slab Face of Corruption Entrance to Chapel Ruins Left Entrance Column Right Entrance Column Chapel Ruins Faces of Man Infant Bust Child Bust Adolescent Bust Adult Bust Mature Bust Old Bust Face of Death Tree of Souls Tormented Banshee Rising Apparitions Skeleton Statue Shrouded Mourners Sundial Phantods Grim Reaper Bats Nursery Music Room Dancing Shadows Skeletal Harpist Phantom Organist Ghost with Candelabra Breathing Bricks Talking Statue Hooded Figure Sacred Woods Wandering Spirit Purple Sparkles Supplicating Figure Spirit Portal Exit Ruins Exit Gateway
Guide Map to the Hallowed Haunting Grounds

We presented this guide as a thank you gift to all those who have supported and enjoyed our Haunt. A copy was given to every adult visitor to the Final Manifestation. You can click on this map to take you to corresponding areas of this site.

We are most thankful to our friend, and very talented artist, Kirk who created the guide for us.