Beneath the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Media Coverage

Over the years the Hallowed Haunting Grounds was documented in the public media on many occasions. Print, Television, and New Media all took their turns trying to bring the essence of the show to the attention of the public. While the efforts met with varying degrees of success we are very grateful for the attention and pleased to have been deemed worthy. Presented here are some of the stories.

We have tried to link to the original source wherever possible.

Video Magazine

One particularly good feature was completed…

Haunted Media DVD Magazine, Issue #1

Haunted Media DVD Magazine, Issue #1
(Haunted Media DVD Magazine ceased publication, but the video article can be seen on YouTube.)


The Fourth EstateTypical press interview, 1993

The Hallowed Haunting Grounds was the subject of many print news articles and features. It was also listed in the local "What to do on Halloween" columns every year.


The Hallowed Haunting Grounds regularly appeared as a local interest segment or weather segment background on local television news broadcasts. Several companies filmed or taped the show for the production of dedicated or seasonal compilation documentaries, with highly varying degrees of success; most were never completed.

Stations that visited

  • KCBS LA Channel 2
  • KNBC LA Channel 4
  • KABC LA Channel 7
  • KCAL LA Channel 9
  • KTTV LA Channel 11
Gary being interviewed Unaired TV interview, 2004
KNBC-TV's Fritz Coleman Fritz Coleman, KNBC 4, 2004 As of 2016 Mr. Coleman continues to inform Los Angeles of the weather and other items of interest from NBC4.
KCAL 9 reporter Josh Rubenstein KCAL 9/KCBS 2, 2005 Mr. Rubenstein left CBS Los Angeles in September of 2016 to become
Communications Director for the
Los Angeles Police Department.
KNBC-TV 2005 Gary on KNBC 4, 2005
KCBS2/KCAL9 van KCBS 2/KCAL 9 live mobile unit, 2005