Hosts of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Builders, Contributors, Supporters, and Acknowledgments

We wish to offer profound thanks to all of the people who have contributed to the success of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.

We especially want to thank all of our visitors for accepting the show in the spirit in which it was offered and for spreading the word to others who might appreciate it. The wonderful support, excellent manners and generous monetary contributions allowed us to continue to present the show and improve it every year.

We also must offer special thanks to our neighbors, our most important audience, for their patience, cooperation and support during each Halloween season.

Your Hosts

These are key members of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds crew. Each of these people dedicated hundreds of hours, priceless talents, and many dollars to the creation and operation of the show. Each contributed concepts and ideas and followed through with the realization of those ideas throughout the evolution of the show. They also were present for most operating nights to operate and maintain the equipment, meet with our visitors, and ensure success.

Gary Corb 1973 - 2005

  • Master of the Show
  • Creator of the Concept
  • Man Behind the Curtain
  • Producer of the Sound
  • Keeper of the Flame
  • Haunt of Disneyland

Mark Phillips 1979 - 2005

  • Founding Haunter
  • Official Photographer
  • Professional Film Editor
  • Speaker Spotter
  • Sultan of Sculpt
  • King of Curses

Greg MacLaurin 1975 - 1992

  • Founding Haunter
  • Master of the Dark
  • Man of Myth and Legend
  • Designer of Delights
  • Offerer of Oddities
  • Connoisseur of Clutter

Steve Mann 1989 - 2005

  • Elder Statesman
  • Growth Grafter
  • Professional Sound Editor
  • Gentleman of Java
  • Infamous Musician
  • Smokin'!

Tim Doggett 1990 - 2005

  • Keeper of the Exit
  • Earl of Electricity
  • Fog Freak
  • Effects Affector
  • Master of the Web
  • Chief Alliterator

Scott Webster 1974 - 1983

  • Founding Haunter
  • First Photographer
  • Monk Chanter
  • Colonial Coupler
  • Tea Partier
  • Teeter-Totter Tipper

Alex Rannie 1992 - 1996

  • Harp Master
  • Gayle Force
  • Bette Builder
  • Casper Creator
  • Rainbow Warrior
  • Father of the Fuzzball

Nathan Hamilton 2000 - 2005

  • Junior Partner
  • Happy Harpwright
  • Foam Fiend
  • Property Powerhouse
  • Manor Maker

Requiem Æternam

Morty Corb

  • Loving Father
  • Renowned Jazz Man
  • Bass Virtuoso
  • Generous and Gracious Gentleman

Florence Corb

  • Lady of the Venue
  • Keeper of the Green
  • Epitome of Patience
  • Ruler of the Kitchen
  • Parts Purveyor
  • Pillar of Strength

Michael Hakes

  • Founding Haunter
  • Talented Artisan
  • Accomplished Guitarist
  • Dear Friend

Keith Pearce

  • Poet Laureate
  • Faithful Spirit
  • Soul of the Sacred
  • Amicus Æternam

Paul Mulder

  • Illusion Engineer
  • Projector Purveyor
  • Firefly Fabricator
  • Fun-loving Friend

David Taylor 

  • Fellow Haunter
  • Master Magician
  • Great Friend

Hosts Emeritus and Generous Contributors

(With humblest apologies to those unmentioned)

Adele, Andy, Anita, April, Ben, Bill, Brian, Bruce, Burr, Charley, Dale, Dave P., David S., Deah, Dean, Diane M., Diane S., Doris, Gary S., Gene, Greg B., Harry, Helen, Hersch, Ian, Jan, Jilda, Kate, Kirk, Louise, Lynn, Maggie, Margy, Mark K., Mary Beth, Michele, Ray, Rick, Roger, Russ, Scott A., Sheryl, Steve C., Tim M., Todd, Tony, Verniece, Walter, Warren, Xavier