Beneath the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Statue in 1998Statue of Angel (1998)

In this picture everything but the grass is temporary, artificial, dead, or all three. (The grass is only barely alive.)

The angel statue is made of a metal stand, chicken wire, duct tape, sheets, plaster, a plastic mask, a mop, gloves, garbage bags, newspaper, paint, glue, and a motor and light mechanism to make the eyes appear and disappear. Her name is Bette, for Bette Davis and her famous eyes.

Statue in 1999(1999)

The wall is made of wood and styrofoam. The rocks are foam rubber. The votives are frosted plastic tubes with flickering lamps inside.

Statue in 2005, full figureThe Final Angel (2005)

Note the change from the garbage bag and duct tape "shrimp" to carved foam wings.

Statue in 2005, close-up(2005)

Eleven years of wear and tear took its toll. This really does prove that darkness is our friend.