Beneath the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Undulating EarthUndulating Earth and Floating Lantern (1999)

To create the effect of freshly dug earth being pushed up from below, a wood frame is loosely covered with chicken wire and a brown cotton sheet. There are two low-speed gear motors under the sheet that turn "crankshafts" which push rods up and down. The rods are attached to the wire to cause the surface to move up and down in various places. A light covering of soil completes the illusion, blending the cover into the surrounding grass.

Here Lies Wayne Walser

Fun Fact: The tomb stone was used as set decoration in the 1989 film "Warlock." The epitaph reads, "Here Lies Buried the Body of Wayne Walser." Wayne Walser was the construction coordinator on the film. We have never met Mr. Walser, but we are searching for him. After years of using the prop in a place of honor, we would like to present it to Mr. Walser. If you know him, or are him, we would like to get contact information.


The lantern is suspended by black thread from a mechanism that causes it to move around and over the "grave" in a random pattern. Within the lantern is a battery-powered flickering light The light is diffused by a bit of polyfill and obscured by a light frosting and blackening of the lantern globe.