Beyond the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

…where we present Halloween adventures in a new era.


After a triumphal farewell performance the Hallowed Haunting Grounds entered a highly anticipated retirement.

As the 2006 Halloween season approached the questions were frequently asked: "Aren't you going to miss it?," or "Is there any chance that you might do the show again? The answer to the latter question had been written the year before when almost all of the props and equipment were dispersed or destroyed. The answer to the former question is "Of course, but we are looking forward to the opportunity to see the fine work of our friends, neighbors and other haunt enthusiasts."

Thus the members of Hallowed Haunting Grounds team set about planning their first free Halloween season in recent memory. The first step was to install the memorial tombstone.

  • Memorial MonumentThis tombstone marks the home of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. It is intended as an acknowledgment of the ongoing sentiments that are expressed by our friends and enthusiasts. It is about four feet tall and was made by Nathan in August of 2005. The image was used for the 2005 flyer and the cover of our Souvenir Guide.

Once the monument was safely in place it was illuminated with the same light that was used for the first show in 1973, and a lonely wind and chime sound truly evoked the memory of shows past.

After the brief ceremony it was time to plan our local haunt excursion. We visited many wonderful displays, shows and other haunts. Our lack of experience in doing Halloween caused us to be chronically late to most places that we visited, but great fun and amazement was the order of the week.

Many of the places we visited have web sites linked from our links pages.

We intend to eventually provide a more detailed itinerary and report of our travels for 2006.

Happy Halloween!