Final Manifestation of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

2005 marked the Final Manifestation of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.

The decision to bring the adventure to a close was difficult, but this seemed to be a good year because it would be the last Halloween with a nice weekend conjunction for some time to come.

Although the show was soon to close, we did our best to present a few new elements.

2005 featured:

The Final Manifestation The Beginning of the End
The Finally Raven Finally Raven

Finding a suitable finish for the show was always a challenge. For years we had announced that we were planning to add an animated raven to the haunt, but the creature was not forthcoming. As we approached our final year we were approached by Eric Maurin who amazingly offered to lend one of his ravens to make a guest appearance in our show. We were very pleased to accept, and installed this figure on the wall at the exit. One could only imagine the words of Mr. Poe as the raven bowed and turned its head. We are most grateful to Mr. Maurin and highly recommend that you visit his spectacularly spooky haunt in Santa Monica.

Artisic Crypt Impressionistic mausoleum
The Hallowed Grounds An artistic rendition of the final hallowed graveyard

It has been a remarkable adventure
and we are saddened to see the last,
but everything has its time
and the time for us has passed.

Thanks again to all of you.

- The Hallowed Haunting Grounds Crew

Having tea in the graveyard