Beyond the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

…where we present Halloween adventures in a new era.


…was to be a very a rather odd year for our excursions. Multiple commitments, including Gary's first traditional Halloween costume party in recent memory, precluded a coherent schedule. We will do our best to describe our activities.

Sunday , October 21

Monument (6:38-7:11)

Rotten Apple 907 - Malice in Wonderland

Boney island (8:37)

Saturday, October 27

Haunted Mansion Northside (7:55)

918 East Glenoaks, Glendale (8:04)

900 Geneva St., Glendale (corner of Glenoaks) (8:17)

Jackson Manor - 2584 N. Meyers, Burbank (9:05)

House at Haunted Hill (10:47)

Tuesday, October 30

House of Restless Spirits (8:28-11:36)

Halloween — Wednesday, October 31

Haunted Mansion Northside (7:38)

Peter Montgomery - 1665 Highland St. (at Cumberland) (Shipwreck) (8:15)

House of Restless Spirits (10:26-11:42)