Host of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Nathan became an integral part of our crew in record time. He is pictured below performing one of the initiation rites at the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. Most everyone who worked on the show at that time was charged with carving styrofoam blocks to the shapes required for the construction of our stone walls.

Nathan Nathan

When Nathan heard that our harp would no longer be available, he volunteered to make a replacement. He is shown above in the process of creating the new prop. The original harp is shown in the first image below.

Old Harp New Harp

The new harp, shown in the last image above, includes a fiber-optic string effect.

For more about Nathan, or to hire him for your next project, please contact him at "Turbidite Manor"

Nathan Hamilton

  • Junior Partner
  • Happy Harpwright
  • Foam Fiend
  • Property Powerhouse
  • Manor Maker