2003 Manifestation of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

2003 saw the 31st invocation of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.

Not since 1987 had such severe rain happened on Halloween night as did this year. Despite a power problem that blacked out much of our display, we were able to continue to receive visitors and show many of our key effects. Saturday evening was met with good weather and a full display.

Unfortunately for us, Nathan was not able to be with us for this year's show. He decided to try his hand in the professional haunted attraction business, Turbidite Manor, in Prescott Arizona. He is committed to the spooky and mysterious style that we appreciate.

Sadly 2003 also saw the passing of one of our founding haunters, Michael Hakes. Lending his enthusiasm and talents to the Haunted Shack shows that preceded the Hallowed Haunting Grounds, he was instrumental in beginning the long tradition that followed.

Changes for 2003 included: