2004 Manifestation of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

... and so we reached the 32nd season for the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.

The weather was good to us and everything went very well.

Nathan was able to help us this year and once again proved the depth of his talent. As a result of hours of work on his computer, and in the foam pile, the show had two new effects. One was a reprise of an effect that was in the show years ago. In the music room, to the faint sound of an old Victrola, a shadowy couple dances.

His other effort was originally inspired for the 30th Manifestation, but like many of our ideas it was not realized until two years later, and in a form significantly different from that originally imagined. This effect is a highlight of the profane side if the graveyard. Atop a monument is a bust of a woman in peaceful repose. Over time her face recedes to a state of decay. It was a spectacular effort. Thanks Nathan.

This year we also made the difficult decision to bring the Hallowed Haunting Grounds to a final end. We would invoke one more manifestation, in 2005. The show then passed into the dust of memory.

Actually, technology should help us remember and we took some video of the show. A version of that video was submitted to a collection for distribution to haunt enthusiasts. Some awards are given based on those videos and the Hallowed Haunting Grounds was honored as one of the best. Thanks!

Changes for 2004 included:

  • The Graveyard The graveyard, as it appeared one day in 2004.
  • KNBC-TV's Fritz Coleman This is Fritz Coleman, weather reporter for KNBC-TV, during a live feed from the graveyard. Local television news segments featuring the Hallowed Haunting Grounds were not uncommon.
  • Gary being interviewed Gary being interviewed for yet another television segment that was, as far as we know, never aired.
  • Gary and Nathan installing parkway trees Looking through the partially assembled mausoleum we can see Gary and Nathan installing trees in the parkway. That was to add atmosphere and help block light and traffic from disturbing the display.
  • Steve 'Mossy' Mann Steve doing his usual fine job installing Spanish Moss to cover and conceal that which would be too frightening, or at least embarassing.
  • Wandering Spirit The wandering spirit figure was almost as creepy in the daylight as at night. She was known to startle people working on the set-up by silently drifting up behind them.
  • Keith with the Standing Monk Here we see Keith considering adjustments to the Standing 'Monk' figure.
  • Adjusting the Fog Nozzles Tim making fog machine adjustments