Eternal Friend of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds


In 2008 we mourned the passing of fellow illusioneer Paul Mulder.

A dear friend, Paul was involved in the development of several special effects such as the crypt ghost and the purple sparkles ascending from the well.

Crypt Ghost and Grief Hooded Figure Invoking the Spirits

He also played an invaluable role in the execution of the firefly effect at the entrance to the Sacred Woods, as well as the rising apparitions in the main graveyard. The Faces of Man also appeared through the grace of Paul.

Skeletal Statue and Rising Apparitions Faces of Man

Paul's creativity and playful spirit are greatly missed.

Paul Mulder

  • Illusion Engineer
  • Projector Purveyor
  • Firefly Fabricator
  • Fun-loving Friend