1998 Manifestation of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

Changes to the Hallowed Haunting Grounds for 1998 included:

  • Bob and Gary We were honored this year with a visit by Bob Burns. He is shown standing with our own leader, Gary Corb. Mr. Burns is a Hollywood legend. He is widely known for his acting, costume, make-up and effects work in many classic 'B' fantasy, sci-fi and monster movies. He is also well known for the spectacular Halloween presentations that were built at his home in nearby Burbank, CA. You can see more about him at the Official Bob Burns Website.
  • Mark the Foam MasonMark places stones
  • Steve the Stone ShaperSteve shapes stones
  • Steve admires the ruinsSteve admires Nathan's painting skills
  • The Sixth Face of Man - Old AgeThe Sixth Face of Man - Old Age
  • Graveyard 1998The Graveyard
  • Daylight in the Sacred WoodDaylight in the Sacred Wood