1999 Manifestation of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds

1999 was a record breaking year for the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. More people visited us this year than ever before. Your kind words and great generosity will go far toward making the 2000 haunt better than ever. Some of that success came from the great weather and a weekend Halloween. Some came from our internet presence. Some came from a very nice KCBS-TV Channel 2 Friday news feature. Some came from a wonderful Los Angeles Times feature article by Jeannine Stein.

Changes to the Hallowed Haunting Grounds for 1999 included:

  • Requiem AeternamRequiem Aeternam
  • Gary Points at the Work in Progress Gary Points at the Work in Progress
  • Steve and Tim and the 'Monster Mud' Steve and Tim work the "Monster Mud" for the columns
  • Moving ArchesMoving Arches
  • Pointer and MournerShrouded figures