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The Hallowed Haunting Grounds website has grown such that our visitors may have some difficulty locating those things that may have changed since their last visit. This page is intended to help by listing the dates and linking to the changes.

23 September 2018
Update to Gary Corb rememberance
17 July 2017
Updates to sound file links
31 May 2017
Farewell to Gary Corb.
6 September 2016
Added the requiem for Florence Corb.
5 March 2016
Added full-resolution 2004 Haunt Video.
23 June 2015
Added the requiem for Keith Pearce.
25 October 2011
Added a home-page reference to Greg's haunt list at gregagogo.com
Added photos of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and the new link to the Haunt with No Name… Yet, to the 2010 page.
17 October 2011
Finally began posting tour reports from Beyond the Hallowed Haunting Grounds: 2010 and 2008
... plus some maintenance on the links pages
6 September 2010
Changed the main photo of Florence.
27 May 2010
Acknowledging the loss of Art Linkletter, Disney Legend, televsion host for the 1955 opening day of Disneyland.
10 May 2010
Updated the Steve Mann page with links to his new music album release.
8 May 2010
Updated our Haunted Mansion Links page to add a photo of the crew at Disneyland.
23 February 2010
Part 2 of Gary's interview was posted at Hauntcast.net
Other Hauntcast.net interviews also recommended
Hauntcast.net added to our Online Halloween Resources and Publications links.
Updated our Accessibility statement
Added a Privacy and Security statement
6 December 2009
Gary interviewed at hauntcast.net
19 October 2009
There is a new commercial haunt in West Hollywood.
11 October 2009
There is a new Bob Burns Halloween website.
16 September 2009
Updated our Commercial Haunts page. Look for the latest Turbidite Manor news and the major changes caused by the passing of Bob Koritzke.
14 September 2009
Updated our Awards page
Added newspaper article to the 2005 page
12 September 2009
Added newspaper photo to the 1976 page
Added newspaper announcement to the 1977 page
24 February 2009
Added more images to the Final Manifestation page
Adding pages Beyond the Hallowed Haunting Grounds describing our activities and observations for 2008 with 2006 and 2007 to follow.
26 November 2008
Added a memoral page for Paul Mulder
24 March 2008
Added to our "Other Halloween Stuff" a link to a new website encouraging trick or treating in our neighborhoods.
16 August 2007
We added links to Steve Mann's online music website and MySpace space.
We also updated some other links.
2 August 2007
HauntingGrounds.org has received a facelift. If this is causing problems for your browser please e-mail the webmaster.
The pages should scale better, both with page size and font size.
The background image has changed.
The link markers are now varied and random.
The code is now far more compliant with currently recommended practices.
27 April 2007
More background images and text have been added for the Talking Statue.
A few new media images are available Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.
The hosts page has been revised a bit, placing more of the key haunters of the past in to historical perspective.
Also, Andy and Deah have finally been added to the friends page.
17 April 2007
Photo illustrations/links added to the Walk through the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.
New videos and media links available Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds
28 March 2007
Go Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds from the new backstage portal page. We expect that page to change often as we expand the discussion of how, and perhaps why, we did this stuff.
23 March 2007
A Grim Reaper page has been added.
Also, you can now go Beneath the Angel Statue, and the Grave Slab.
17 March 2007
Go Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds to explore the Crypt, and the Tree of Souls.
14 March 2007
Go Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds to see some background about the Floating Lantern and Undulating Earth, and the Talking Statue.
We have also added a link on our Private and Charity Haunts page to Jackson Manor, where Travis Jackson has illustrated his interpretation of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds flicker system.
2 March 2007
Brighter image of the Seventh Face of Man.
21 February 2007
Go Beneath the Hallowed Haunting Grounds to see the installation of the Chapel Ruins.
29 October 2006
The Faces of Man pages have been consolidated.
1 October 2006
The 1979, 2003, and 2004 history pages now have some pictures.
We have updated pictures for the Crypt Ghost, Slab Grave, Faces of Man, Harpist, Organist, and Talking Statue.
There is now a special page on the construction of the "Face of Corruption."
We have added pages for the tablets for the Lost Souls and the Blessed Dead.
A picture of our most generous fan has been added to our "friends" page.
26 July 2006
Several fine Disney-related links have been added to our Haunted Mansion Links page.
4 June 2006
The picture of the hooded figure invoking the spirits now has animated spirit lights that pretty accurately represents how they actually looked.
All of the website pages have been modified to use CSS and have been validated for conformance to W3C HTML 4.01 standards... not that you really care.
29 April 2006
We are in a process of revising the website to reflect a more archival focus. Those revisions include changes to the Frequently Asked Questions and History pages.
There is a new page with a picture of our Soundtrack CD.
There is also a page containing our souvenir map.
14 October 2005
Rick Pollizi's page has been updated.
It contains a link to the new, official Boney Island Website.
2 October 2005
Face of Corruption has been posted.
Sundial and Phantods has been posted.
13 September 2005
Dancing Shadows has been posted.
13 August 2005
The 2005 flyer has been posted.
A 2004 history page has been posted.
11 June 2005
A video of our 2004 show was distiributed to the online Haunter community. They deemed the show worthy of recognition and we are pleased to accept the Golden Bucky award and the Haunters' Choice award.
27 May 2005
We have officially announced that 2005 will be the Final Manifestation of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds.
9 September 2004
The flyer for the 2004 manifestation has been published.
15 March 2004
We are very pleased to present a new page devoted to the wonderful Halloween display of our nearby friend Rick Polizzi.
21 February 2004
Announcing an extra preview night, Thursday, 28 October 2004.
Daylight panoramas of the 2002 manifestation.
3 December 2003
Michael Hakes memorial
2003 history
14 September 2003
2002 history page and images
2003 introductory page
2003 flyer
23 August 2003
Dr. Knapp now has a page!
1 June 2003
New Award! Our Site Won h0lygr33n's Scary Award!
11 March 2003
New Award! Thanks to the Ghoul Skool for sending HauntingGrounds.org to the Head of the Class for 2003.
15 August 2002
2002 flyer posted
7 December 2001
Nathan, having exceeded exhaustion, challenged confusion, and demonstrated dedication, has proved himself worthy. By the power vested in the Master of the Show, Nathan has been elevated to exalted ranks and has received the title of "Host of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds."
19 September 2001
2001 flyer posted
Some links added and updated
13 August 2001
Edited the 1988-2000 pictures on the annual history pages.
23 July 2001
Added pictures to most of the annual history pages.
25 May 2001
Slight changes to the walk-through order.
21 May 2001
Added Keith page with complete text of recitations.
10 May 2001
Added to the 2000 page and Gary's page a picture of Gary with the America! documentary crew.
3 April 2001
Slight change to Skeletal Statue and Apparition page
Slight change to Home page
25 February 2001
Added Alex page
Added Nathan page
Added Steve Chavez page
12 February 2001
New (2000) picture of the Music Room
New (2000) pictures of four of the Faces of Man
Renamed and Relinked most of the site for easier maintenance. We are sorry for any broken incoming links due to this change. We always recommend linking only to our home page, http://www.hauntinggrounds.org/hhg.htm.
The search engine robots should catch up soon.
10 February 2001
Revised the Links page
Added Dark Links and split Commercial Haunts
4 February 2001
Added Seventh Face of Man page
Added to the 2000 Manifestation page
25 January 2001
Added Grim Reaper and Seventh Face of Man to Walk-Through
Rearranged Images page
21 January 2001
Changed home page layout
Added "What's New" page
15 January 2001
New picture of Chapel Ruins
New pictures of Skeletal Statue and Apparitions
14 January 2001
Improved sound quality of WAV files.
13 January 2001
Added Guestbook