Host of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds


Preparing for the task ahead

Mark is a man of eclectic interests. In addition to being a first-rate haunter he is also a photographer, audiophile, oenophile, storm chaser, and carnivorous plant enthusiast. We really appreciated his acting as the Hallowed Haunting Grounds Sommelier.

To support his varied avocations, Mark works as a film editor. To see some of Mark's professional credits visit the Internet Movie Database.


Mark shows his enthusiasm during a final set-up day in 1998.

To his left is the back of one of his creations as the Sultan of Sculpt. It is a figure based on a classic illustration of the Suicides of Dante's "Inferno." The anguished soul is trapped in the form of a gnarled tree stump.

Mark Phillips

  • Founding Haunter
  • Official Photographer
  • Professional Film Editor
  • Prince of Speakers
  • Sultan of Sculpt
  • King of Curses