Host of the

Hallowed Haunting Grounds


Florence Corb

Florence was the literal Mother of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. Who can say what was her greatest contribution?

  • Her Love for her son Gary provided the garden from whence it came; is it this?
  • Her bountiful supply of saved items provided much of the early material for the haunt; is it this?
  • Her delicious and plentiful meals provided nectar for the garden, helping attract the worker bees that would help realize the vision, is it this?
  • Her seemingly tireless work decorating for the season made us all look better; is it this?
  • Her incredible patience was critical to the longevity of the show; is it this?

It is rather obvious that the sum of all of these was needed for the Hallowed Haunting Grounds to become legendary. Yes, This It Is!

Her work here is done. After 97 amazing years she has moved on to where she can be free from suffering and again be happy with her husband Morty and her friends who have gone before. We can almost hear the music from here.

Thank you Flornie!

Florence Florence

Florence in her role as the Keeper of the Green

Florence Corb

  • Lady of the Venue
  • Keeper of the Green
  • Epitome of Patience
  • Ruler of the Kitchen
  • Parts Purveyor
  • Pillar of Strength